Behind every case, there’s a story

Becky is not only our Head Dental Nurse but has also undergone Straightening treatment herself. Her case is particularly interesting, as she not only had the Inman™ ‘Speed Brace’ to straighten her top 4 front teeth but also then had a customised brace to straighten one other upper tooth along with Whitening and a Cosmetic Filling to adjust the length of one other tooth.

    Case History
  • Upper crowding.
  • 1 inset upper right premolar.
    Treatment Plan
  • Inman™ to straighten upper front 4 teeth.
  • Customised brace to straighten upper right premolar.
  • Cosmetic filling to adjust length of upper left lateral incisor.
  • Home whitening.
    Treatment Time
  • 13 weeks (Inman™ – upper front 4 teeth).
  • 3 weeks (upper right premolar).
  • 5 nights (Home whitening).

Patient’s Story

“A few years ago, when I went to a surgeon to have my wisdom teeth extracted, I was told I would need surgery to achieve a ‘Hollywood smile’, involving having my jaw broken and re-set, head gear and wearing fixed braces for about 2-3 years. Dr Grant reviewed my case and came up with a multi-treatment solution to avoid all that and still give me the result I wanted!

I had an Inman Aligner™ with an arch expander to create space to make it easier for my front 4 teeth to align. At the end of my Inman™ treatment, I had my teeth whitened and also had a composite (tooth-coloured) filling on my upper left lateral incisor as it was a lot shorter than the right one. I then opted for a follow-up straightening treatment on the tooth behind my upper right canine (ie the premolar), which was set in, as this tooth doesn’t get treated with Inman™. I had always disliked the fact this tooth appeared black in photos, as a shadow was created because it was set back. I wanted a solution to treat this tooth but without compromising my newly aligned front teeth. As a result, a customised brace appliance was specially made with a fixing onto this one tooth to rotate it whilst keeping my front teeth in their new position. Every 2-3 days I had to turn a key to push the tooth out. I then had a retainer made, which I wear every night, to keep my 5 teeth in their new positions.”

Patient’s Verdict

“The Inman™ treatment went very quickly and I could see results in a matter of days. The brace did affect my speech but that didn’t bother me too much, as I only had to wear it for 3 months. In hindsight, I would have had the treatment done years ago! It’s made a huge difference to my appearance and confidence. I get compliments about my teeth all the time. I’ve had my teeth whitened too and would recommended the treatment to anyone. I have no regrets.”