Revolutionary new ways to straighten teeth more quickly

Overview of Teeth Straightening

Treating gaps, crowding & protrusion with no need for fixed braces

Many of us have gaps, overlapping, crooked or twisted teeth and/or teeth that stick out or are set back.

And crowding tends to get worse as we grow older – you may perhaps have noticed your teeth have moved or appear more crooked or overlap more than they did a few years ago?

Straightening options for 1 to 4 teeth … or up to full arches

Patients often come to us as they’re not happy with their teeth – they’re concerned about gaps or that they look crooked or twisted or stick out – but think their only option is ‘train-tracks’. Not any more!

There are now some great new alternatives to fixed braces which make use of innovative design to apply precise, gentle pressure to move teeth, usually much more quickly than fixed braces … in months, if not weeks, instead of years.

We are among the leading suppliers in the region of both the Inman™ ‘Speed Brace’ and Invisalign® ‘Invisible Braces’. If just 1 or 2 teeth need to be moved, we can also fit custom-made Clear Aligners for suitable cases.

Straightening teeth in months not years

With either Inman™ or Clear Aligners, teeth can typically be straightened in 6-16 weeks, with some patients seeing a noticeable improvement in as little as 2 weeks. With Invisalign®, it takes a little longer, typically from 6 to 18 months, although every case is different. A lot depends on the complexity of the case and on how good you are at sticking to wearing your brace as directed.

Not just faster but teeth are saved too

As Dentists, our overriding concern is to avoid irreversible tooth loss at all costs. As such, Inman™, Invisalign® and Clear Aligners are key components of our conservative ethos.

All 3 systems – Inman™, Invisalign® and Clear Aligners – rarely require teeth to be removed to create space, as is often the case with fixed braces. These revolutionary new systems can also cut down on the need for Veneers, mean you could need fewer Veneers or none at all.

Book in for your Straightening Consultation

If you think Inman™, Invisalign® or Clear Aligners may be for you, book in for a £30 Straightening Consultation with Dr Grant to assess your suitability for the various treatment programmes we offer and to discuss your hopes and expectations. Following your Consultation, you will be provided with an estimate of costs and will be under no obligation.

In some instances, we may decide that it would be in your best interests to have fixed braces, in which case, we will be happy to refer you to a highly skilled and respected local orthodontist, with whom we have worked closely on numerous cases.

See our patients’ Straightening results for yourself in our Before & After Gallery.

Want to learn more? Then why not check out our Inman™ and Invisalign® treatment pages and Inman™ FAQs and Invisalign® FAQs.

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See the Inman Aligner™ in action

See Invisalign in action

Please see our Price List for further details. We offer a number of Payment Options, including 0% Finance for Registered Patients, subject to status and T&Cs.

You can also click on the links to go directly to the Inman™ and Invisalign® websites.

Compare Treatments

Inman™ vs Invisalign® vs Clear Aligners

The key difference between the 3 systems is that Inman™ is specially designed to straighten the front 4 top or bottom teeth only while Invisalign® can straighten full top or bottom arches and Clear Aligners can straighten just 1 or 2 teeth maximum.

A thorough examination at a Straightening Consultation is vital to assess the most appropriate treatment for you – some patients are perfectly suited to Inman™ or Clear Aligners while others need Invisalign®.

Inman™ – Pros

  • Quick (typically 6-16 weeks)
  • Straightens front 4 teeth only
  • Removable (easy to eat + keep clean)
  • No need to extract teeth

Inman™ – Cons

  • Straightens front 4 teeth only
  • Invisalign® may be better if you want upper + lower
  • More visible + affects speech more than Invisalign®

Invisalign® – Pros

  • Can straighten whole arches/full sets of teeth
  • Costs the same for one or both arches
  • Almost invisible + low impact on speech
  • Whitening is included in the price
  • Removable (easy to eat + keep clean)
  • No need to extract teeth

Invisalign® – Cons

  • Typically takes 26+ weeks
  • Costs the same to do one arch as both arches

Clear Aligners – Pros

  • Quick (typically 6-16 weeks)
  • Can treat just 1 or 2 teeth
  • Removable (easy to eat + keep clean)
  • No need to extract teeth

Clear Aligners – Cons

  • Will only straighten 1 or 2 teeth
  • Very case sensitive (not suitable for all patients)