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I’ve been wearing the Inman aligner for the last few months. Dr Grant’s honest and friendly advice has been fantastic from the start and the rest of the team have always been great too. Although I was worried that it was a lot of money the quick and pain-free results have almost made me forget about that! Thank you Dr Grant and the team.

Carli H

Went to Dr Grant for a teeth clean and discovered he did Inman Aligner (no one else in South West does!), got it all sorted straight away and 4 weeks early my teeth are all straightened and I couldn’t be happier! All the staff at the Whyte Clinic are fantastic and I’ll actually miss my appointments!

Jessica Paleschi

I have always been quite conscious of my smile as I have a bucked tooth. I started using the Inman Aligner about 10 weeks ago and now I can’t stop smiling!!!!! The brace itself is fantastic. All my friends cannot believe the rate to which it aligned my teeth. It wasn’t at all painful although I couldn’t say words with ‘s’ properly for the duration. But is was all worth it for the speedy results it achieved. I would also like to thank Dr Grant and his wonderful team. Their friendless made me feel reassured and relaxed. They also knew I wanted my teeth aligned in time for me to emigrate and they made sure this was achieved. Thank you.

Esther Wong

I recently completed the Invisalign treatment at The Whyte House, Dr Grant McAree’s Dental Surgery. I have to say every single detail of my treatment surpassed all my expectations. The team’s friendliness, professionalism and enthusiasm they bring to their dentistry made it enjoyable to actually visit the dentist. As long as I still live in the area I wish to use The Whyte House for all my dentistry needs, fantastic team and people!

Chris King

Visiting Dr Grant is so unlike any other experience I have had at the dentist. The surroundings are very comfortable and the reception very welcoming. Dr Grant is very confident and is great at making you feel at ease and relaxed – in fact we have whole heap of laughs whenever I visit. I have had the Invisalign treatment - at my age I just didn’t want braces – but was very keen to have my teeth straightened. I have been very pleased with the process – the aligners are pretty much invisible and not at all uncomfortable to wear. So good fun at the dentist – good results from the treatment and a happy smiley customer – priceless!!

Daryl Fulls

I started my treatment in March 2009 and by my wedding day, 26 September 2009, my teeth were lovely and straight and glistening white. I had so many comments from friends and family and the photographs came out beautifully. Many thanks to Dr Grant and the team.

Frances Lewis