Dental Hygiene Overview

Monitoring overall health

It’s not just about stained teeth and bad breath. Poor oral health and undetected and untreated oral diseases can have a real, and sometimes significant, effect on quality of life. Very often, the health of the mouth can reflect all-over physical health.
And it’s not just oral and facial pain you may suffer: periodontal, or gum, disease (see below) has been linked to some medical conditions. Digestion problems could also be a sign of poor oral health.

It’s not unusual that during routine check-ups and hygiene appointments, hygiene therapists and dentists are the first to detect a health problem in its early stages. They can also pick up poor nutrition, growth and development problems and incorrect jaw alignment.

Gum disease and adult tooth loss

If plaque is allowed to build up, it can lead to gum disease – the number one reason for adult tooth loss. Regular brushing will not totally remove plaque so a scale, clean and polish during a hygiene appointment is vital.
Gum disease has few symptoms, so it can often go unnoticed. In its minor form (gingivitis), gums may be inflamed and bleed during brushing. In its most severe form (periodontitis), teeth may become loose and even fall out.  As it is mostly down to at-home care and lifestyle habits, gum disease can be controlled, particularly for people who are healthy and non-smokers.

Thorough examination

Our hygiene therapist can also check for the following: tooth decay, gum disease – gingival and periodontal; teeth cracks, tooth wear, soft tissues (to check for mouth cancer and other medical conditions) and swollen glands (by examining the face and neck).

Home-care advice

The Whyte House believes good oral hygiene is a team effort and that’s why we work with you to ensure your teeth, mouth and gums are fighting fit. We are always happy to give tips and advice on the things you can do as part of an at-home, preventative care routine.
Remember, you don’t need to be registered with The Whyte House to see our hygiene therapist. Under Direct Access arrangements, anyone can make a hygiene appointment without seeing a dentist and without a prescription from the dentist.
If you’re concerned about gum disease or would like to make an appointment with our dental hygiene therapist, please call us on 01392 877494.